Shipping & Assembly

  • If you purchase a Theo Desk and Hutch your order may arrive in two boxes as the Theo Desk ships in one box, and the hutch in another. All of the pet’s beds and bins shown in the product images are included in the cartons with the furniture.
  • We offer free shipping on all orders as long as you are in the contiguous United States.
  • It takes approximately 45 minutes to assemble the Theo Desk, and an equal amount of time for the Hutch and packaging disposal. Remember, pets love anything new, so don’t be in a rush to throw out that big box. With a little creativity, it’s a future Habitable environment!
  • When assembling It helps to have more than one person, as you’ll need to turn the desk over once it’s assembled, which is a two-person job.
  • Assembly instructions can be found here